STYLE Loves: The Carrie Diaries

by gimmegoodstyle


I am not going to say that I am a busy teenager that trying to make everything work like Carrie Bradshaw, when she is still in high school tough. But I have this certain emphatic feeling with her. She knows how to dream and how to work hard to get there and I still think that it is a genius idea to make her high school life become a tv shows. I won’t deny that at first I though this is a desperate idea to make Sex and The City become a hit one more time (please, Sex and The City is never out of date) and I wasn’t really attracted with overly cute Carrie (as Garance Dore described it) or less-mature fashion (no Chanel, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana. Think Forever 21 and Topshop) and NO Manolo Blahnik yet. Ugh, I want Sex and The City 3! A sequel not prequel, who watch prequel these days?

And then karma got me and I had to pay what I just said before.

One Saturday evening, I was wondering in the great world of internet, trying to find a movie worth waiting and watching online. Nothing. Then this new Carrie Bradshaw episode just came out and I though; Please, not going to watch it. But it was a really boring evening, so I clicked it and I really watched it without fast forward or things like that. Surprisingly, I love the show! It was like a real normal teenage days and talks, but I can see the iconic Carrie in the show. Her voice almost sounds like a chipmunk compared to usual Carrie Bradshaw, but I tolerate the age factor. Plus, AnnaSophia Robb’s voice is very lovely to hear.

Th story has a little drama in it (every tv show has drama), enough to bear though. Not complicated (okay, a bit. I just don’t get it why Carrie and Sebastian have to break up and date and break up again? And her sister is hell of a mess) and twisty and seducing like Gossip Girl. Hmm, Carrie Bradshaw is hardly a drama queen. One thing I really like for the show is the new feeling it gives. A flashback through times, when Manhattan looks really tempting and wild and filled with opportunities and great people (it still does although feels really different). And it is much easier to connect with a teen girl who knows teen problems, instead of watching adult women series and have to admit that you like it. (And whenever it has sex scenes, you just have to fast forward it. Please….!)

Easier, funnier and less drama. Plus, more best friends and 80s (or 90s?) fashion. You got me.

Glad you are back Carrie Bradshaw!

P.S: And Manolo Blahnik does make an appearance! Green one with jeweled toes and… I can’t describe them! Too amazing. Tsk, you are a really enviable girl Carrie Bradshaw!