Ellen and Portia’s Ranch Home

by gimmegoodstyle


Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest women in television history. Never doubt that. Her style in talking and narating about lifestyle and silly accidents are always make me laugh my ass off. Oh my god, I am starting to laugh again. I am officially obsessed with her. Okay, focus, we are not going to talk about her show, unfortunately. We are going to talk about her and her partner, Portia, ranch home in California. A 26 acre cool ranch used to own by William Pannell and used to be a rehab center (a bit horror).

Despite the massive size of the ranch, Ellen is able to finish  Portia’s dream asset in only a year. Quite a quick and ambitious project. The furnitures are mostly woods with classic atmosphere and, somehow, old-American look, this ranch is really chanting and magical. I expect to see something wild and a bit cowboy at first. Well, like those westren movies. What I got is a mixed between modernity and classic home for two. A greater place to spend vacation than ride a horse or…uh, what they usually do at a ranch?

And don’t worry animal lovers, you can still find coyotes, horses, deers and mountain lions behind the enormous lands. You just have to be lucky to find them.

Taken from Elle Decor

(Photographed by William Aranowicz)