Inspired By What?

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-04-12 14:39:29 +00001

After watching a lot of all-American movies, I realize that they have one thing in common except sex. They tend to use drugs and pots to make them back in the game, inspired by the chaos and delusions those drugs cause. And it seems that even though they know the danger that lurks around, they still don’t care about it. Is it a good way to be inspired? Or another clumsy, pathetic thing to do when we are giving up and need a quick way to be inspired? 

I won’t be naive and say that drugs are really dangerous. Most drugs are indeed dangerous, if you don’t know how to use them. But I think you are good, if you use the ‘appropriate’ dose and nothing too strong. Still, drugs aren’t really the best way to get inspired. Yeah, I know Lady Gaga used to inhale some cocaine in order to get high and really wrote a few mega-hit songs then what? She regretted it after all. And I also notice that Kubla Khan is written by Samuel Coleridge when he was really sick and took a dose of medicines and drugs. There is a possibility that he was high in his sleep.

These examples made me think that maybe taking drugs is not a bad way to get inspired. 

But the sudden kick of logic cleared my mind and I realized what a pathetic way it is to take some drugs only to get inspired! That’s why a lot of artist fail after their one-wonder hits. They don’t have what it takes to be confident and leave drugs for medical use only. I can imagine being really helpless like there is no way you can get inspired. Ah, I feel that way all the time! Living in a place where the scenery is your neighbors’ roofes and the streets seem really… empty is not the best way to get inspired, but I do try really hard to see my neighborhoods in different ways and I see a lot of things. A cool pattern in one of the spider webs, a wrinkle in my neighbor’s face and how an old man, who used to hang out infront of my home, laugh. They’re all inspiring me to write or draw something. And yes it is less glamorous than drugs and you have to be really passion when you try to find it, but it is a skill that you’ll never regret to have. 

It is quite silly to ask you if drugs are cool to use to get inspiration. My answer is nope. Not cool and you can do much better than that. My only tip is (if you like to hear it) don’t stuck in one place if you want to get inspired. Move and find something different to look at. Meet different people, walk in a different street or maybe take a bus to somewhere you don’t know and don’t be afraid to go a little bit crazy (no drugs) with your friends. Oh, there are a lot of ways to get illuminated by the bright lights of inspiration. And before you realize it, you’ll make a really great piece of art. All by yourself.