Traffic And Couture

by gimmegoodstyle

the traffic streetfsn

I thought traffic jam is almost unreal in other countries. I mean, it’s a big problem in Jakarta, but traffic jam looks like a joke in Melbourne or Hong Kong. Yes, they do get stuck in the traffic sometimes, but they don’t have to spend 3 to 4 hours just to go home from office and sometimes you have to spend your night on the street. Yeah, like a road trip but with no friends and psycho hitchhiker (because the driver almost turns into one). Then Tommy Ton came up with series of street style photographs during fashion weeks and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Those elegant women were actually fighting to get across the street because of the traffic. Haha! They look so awkward and not sure where to step because either they are too afraid to ruin their couture clothes or they simply don’t know how to handle the pressure being honk by several drivers at once. That can be intimidating for an amateur.

Let me tell you something; if you want to live in Jakarta, you have to know how to get through the traffic jam. It is almost impossible not to get stuck in traffic in Jakarta, no matter when you are traveling and where. The city is a parade of cars and motorcycles and they’re all really extremely wild.

First survival tip is don’t trey to cross the street with maxi dress or long skirt. You can get yourselves killed kiddo. Try to wear something easy like short pants or jeans because Jakarta’s streets are behemoth and you have to cross them in like 2 minutes. No time to check your dress. just run for your live!

Second,  if you are a tourist that doesn’t speak or understand Indonesian language. Well, don’t debate. You will be overwhelmed by our super-rude urban words and you will get nothing! Don’t try to take the case to the police if it’s not really important (nobody gets killed, no robbery, no rape) because they just don’t really care about you. Hmm, think New York with more chaos and rude motorcycle drivers and arrogant public-transportations employees.

Third, never trust a traffic light. We don’t get along with rules really great, you will need to watch out for the angry, short tempered, rules-breaker driver even though you are crossing when the light is red. I used to use this trick, so I will wait for several people to gather on the street and we will cross together, but I will be on the ‘safe’ side of the group and I will try to walk in the middle. It’s like a double guarantee that I won’t get hit by cars. Yeah, human shield. Coward, but it works!

Well, good luck with the traffic jam you guys.

Taken from Jak and Jil