Happy Mama

by gimmegoodstyle

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We are going back to the age issue. People said the older you get, the more un-stylish you’ll be. It’s like watching the trend goes by and even the most stylish woman in her youth can be something hideous in the present. Victim of an always changing fashion world. But I definitely disagree with that statement or theory.

Yes, fashion is always changing and you can be a man with no vehicle in the middle of a high street, if you don’t know how to catch up. But you can always walk and actually be cool about that. Fashion isn’t about the trend which is happening at the moment. Fashion is the style and spirit beyond those trends.

Like this super cool madam. She looks weird for some people with her big pink leopard coat (and that bow!) and super pale make ups and that heart-lips. You can call her a freak and look at her like she is one of those fashion disasters, but somehow I love her style. It’s the kind of style that knows no age and unique enough until you can call it a classic.

I am not going to lie that everyone can rock this style though. And I have no tips for you who want to try these things. The only thing you need is a super confident feeling and don’t ever look at others eyes except your friends. People can tear down your unique fashion spirit in a mere second. Just be there and love your style or in this case… a pink leopard coat.

Taken from Jak and Jil