Identity Thief

by gimmegoodstyle

identity thief

Surprisingly hilarious!

It’s all that I can think of after watching this film. I know from the poster that this movie will be funny, but not that funny because I don’t really like what Ted producer gives and this film looks close to that. You know, bad words, a lot of genitals references and really wild, absurd plot that makes you confused in the end of the movie. But surprisingly this movie is nothing like that. Yeah, the bad words are still on and the genitals part and some of the scenes are quite…awkward to watch. But the plot looks very easy for watchers to empath with and I appreciate a heart-warming, funny drama. I am a sucker for that kind of movie.

The story revolves around a normal employee called Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman), who gets a call from some credit car company that asks for his name and identity number, so they can make him a new protection program for his money. The real caller turns out to be an identity stealer called Diana (not real name) (she is a liar! What do you expect?) (oh, sorry, played by Melissa McCarthy) and she makes a fake credit card and goes to some shopping malls to spend it. After realizing his (stupid) mistake, Sandy crosses half of the country to chase Diana, which turns out to be a life-changing journey between a victim and a predator.

Maybe I am overdoing the synopsis, but the story goes like that and I have to say I worship Melissa McCarthy because she can rock Diana character. It’s like she is very complicated and crazy, but sad to look at and actually not a really bad person (don’t mention her fake credit card maker machine). I can totally connect with Diana and that makes the movie went into another level. Good enough to watch when you have free time and really really bored with Oblivion (yawn).