Aurelio Costarella Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Fashion week sure is much more fun in four capitals fashion cities in the world, but talents are everywhere and it is essential for us to keep an eye on those new designers that are popping up all over the world. Now, the leading star of young designers is Australia and they’re smart enough to join forces and create Australia Fashion Week become much more interesting than before. To be honest, I never really thought Australia as a big deal. I mean, everyone knows who Miranda Kerr is and there are some cool Hollywood actors/actresses from Australia, but only Dion Lee (in fashion designer category), who is able to steal international fashion bloggers and editors attentions. Where are the others?

Looks like the answer is right there in Australia Fashion Week. The event held lots of designers, but one designer that caught my attention is Aurelio Costarella. The man stole my heart with his glamorous and elegant design, playing with ‘princess-y’ gowns and combining them with some flattering fabric and easy-breezy cutting. I am such an easy target when it comes to dress. I will say that he has done a good job.

But there are some pieces that I can’t simply ignore. Like pants and short dresses that are quite… boring. It’s like he is giving me a blast in the opening number and the explosion devolved into smaller sparks and then left nothing but disappointment. Tsk, he has quite a number of killer dresses! I think Aurelio has to work on maintaining the ‘dramatic’ atmosphere, to make people become curious and waiting for more, and keep making killer gowns rather than office pants (boring alert). After all he proves that Australia does have some serious designers that are ready to take the fashion industry by storm.

Watch out Ellie Saab! Aurelio gonna kick some serious asses in the near future.

Taken from Vogue Australia