Mediterranean Villa

by gimmegoodstyle

Life can be frustrating at some points that you have to get away. Maybe take a road trip with your precious family, go to Europe to spend some crazy nights with your friends or you can really blow your budget and rent this majestically beautiful spanish villa in Son Vida, Palma, Mallorca. Not only that it’s located near the Mediterranean sea (cute guys, sexy girls and even sexier beach), it also has tons of expensive furnitures and spacey rooms for parties and guests. And you get a wonderful view of Palma too as the bonus.

I think everything looks a bit minimalist and classy, not for wild girls who prefer to hang out in a bar than in a wood-panelled bedroom. More like for people who like silence and beautiful pool and outdoor picnic. But although it offers a lot of luxury and other things jet-setters will enjoy, I am not going to stay there if I can. I will choose some place less huge and have a wonderful solo holiday. Not recommended for you  to follow my way, if you have children and wife tagging along.

Taken from Fresh Home