Dark Days

by gimmegoodstyle

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I just watched Le Miserables and I suddenly remember this picture. A very intimate black and white photo about a woman and a man hugging each other tightly like they know they will face another day together. But not a good day. It’s like Paris at the French Revolution, everything is black and white. You can either choose to follow the king or follow the people, but it will end up the same; blood and tears and grieving from people you know or don’t know. It amazes me how an important city like Paris had gone through a lot of changes and bloods and tears to be what it is right now. It’s the same Paris that I know, a city that appreciates beauty more than anything yet it used to be so slummed and dusty.

Back to this photo, the connection between this and French Revolution is the possibility of never seeing your loved ones again. The moment when you just know that maybe tomorrow will be your last day. People of Paris in the time of French Revolution know that feeling, they had experienced it. The beating of the hearts when you see the sun rise, the shouts of people telling the men to get their weapons and women begin to hide with their children. And the moment, the very second, when you finally leave your lover’s arms and face the cruel world. It’s tough.

Ah, this post isn’t about bragging loves and how dramatic and good Le Miserables is (it’s good tough. I almost cried). I want you to realize that revolution will happen again and again and it is sure will be all bloddy and scary. It’s not that we are living in a place where society will collapse anytime and terror will rise. It needs processes, but when it happens, it’ll happen so fast and you will drag into it before you even realize. That’s why I am begging you to live your life on it’s fullest. Hug your families and friends like it’s the last time you will meet them. We just have to remember that cruelty is cruelty, no matter what is the reason and how people do it.

Shout to the highest sky and pray that there will be no more events like French Revolution or Riots of Indonesia. We are the new generation of intellects that respect culture and beauty and always say no to violence or wars.

Taken from Adeline Rapon