STYLE Loves: Gladiator Heels

by gimmegoodstyle heels

Gladiator shoes trend is long gone after 300 went down from the cinema and turned to blue-ray version (like other action movies with expiration dates). I never really like that movie though. But I am not saying that I hate the fashion, I think low neckline and goddess-like white gown are marvelous and hunks in short with swords and shields (ready to kill or be killed) can really become a plus factor -or main factor.

Today I am going to focus on the shoes which have tons of laces and you have to tie them really careful because you can end up tying your own feet. But thank God and designer! Now we won’t have to deal with those issues of tying and un-tying and tying again. Some shoes that are inspired by gladiator nowadays are actually use those laces and complicated patterns as decoration only, behind those compilation is… a zipper. You just have to pull the zipper down, tuck your feet and you are ready to go.

Much better than Spartan way!

Taken from Fashion Toast