Geek of the Day: Zoo Book by Yago Partal

by gimmegoodstyle

zoo book honestlywtf.comYago Partal created an interesting set of animal photos called Zoo Book.

I never hate animals before, I love them except snake. Ugh, I have a phobia for snake. Anyway, I really love animals and I support every effort to protect them. Let me tell you, my guilty pleasure is to see animals photograph especially giant pandas. But I never thought that seeing animals can be this fun with Partal photoshopped their faces into human bodies (or he attached human clothes to animals’ head. Whatever) and it really works wonderfully.

Those animals look soo much cuter and easier to connect with. These photos are really adorable until I considered to buy one, but I think it will be quite hard to send them to Indonesia. Shitty thing. Anyway, you can go to Yago Partal’s website and look for what you want to buy here.

Happy animal seeing day!

Taken from Honestly WTF