Mouth VS Blackberry

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-04-16 09:45:40 +00001

Okay, back to the technology talk because I am starting to grow tired of ‘Blackberry’ phenomenon and how people respond and creating new annoying habit because of it. It all started few years ago, when RIM introduced the new Blackberry and all people, including my friends and family, started to ahh and ohh and bought those devices. They started to bring it along wherever they go and update their social status every two minutes. After that, the Blackberry fever continued (we never really had a fatal Bieber fever) and people start to think that everyone has a blackberry and they have to know their pins. Whatever. I still remember the time when I was really mad because people always ask for my Blackberry pin and thought that I was joking when I told them that I DON’T have a Blackberry.

I won’t deny that I love blackberry. Well, I used to love it. I bought my first blackberry and totally regretted it because I don’t find it cool or amusing. The constant chats and people asking silly questions and smileys started to make me feel tired and I changed my Blackberry after Samsung decided that it’s time to launch a (former) magical device called Galaxy Note. And the ‘chat-terror’ finally ends. But looks like my friends aren’t over their Blackberries yet. They still had those things attached to their hands, wherever and whenever they go and it started to make me feel crazy. There are moments when I try to tell funny stories and they’re like smiling and saying something about someone’s status to other Blackberry user (they stop telling me after I said that I sold my Blackberry) and I feel stupid. Me and my stories.

After a few accidents, I started to think; is it me or the Blackberry? I am rather a chatty person and I really have a urge to talk and be the center of attention. Yeah, bad habit. I never like to be ignored more than anything else and Blackberry sounds like a competition to me. I fight for  chance to talk and I am growing tired of it. Actually, there are moments when I really need to talk about important things and Blackberry is like teasing me with their beeps and notifications and those stupid LED lights, I almost screamed with frustration. I thought that maybe I was the one that piss myself, not the Blackberry. Maybe the problem is my mouth and not the red-bleeping sounds of those smart phones. Scary thought.

I thought I was the only one who feel that way, when I found out that some of my friends also have the same trouble. Thank God, I am not an attention-stealer-weirdo and the evidences show that Blackberry is the one who is responsible for my social problem. It’s hard to compete with trend and I am not saying that I hate Blackberry or Blackberry brings bad effect (classic quote from my parents; it all goes back to the users not the devices). Blackberry is cool and quite an interesting phone, I am just tired of it. All we (people who are not obsessed with Blackberry and social medias) need is a little amount of your pure attention (means no talk about someone’s twitter status and their new Blackberry avatar whatsoever), so we can talk like humans (not freaking Siri or Simi or whatever they have in online shops).

And seriously, I am way more fun than Blackberry -and other social medias!

(I still have an urge to try Blackberry 10 in store though) (It is such a cool device, isn’t it?)