American Vogue May 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


The Great Gatsby has become one of the main attention in both fashion and cinema industries. Time for me too to pay more attention to it, even though I am not really familiar with the story. Yeah, classic American book is not really a trend in Indonesia or anywhere in Asia. Anyway, I am a big fan of 20s costume (that’s quite a lie) (I am a fanatic when it comes to PRADA costumes in any era and decade) and I think that’s enough to make me feel quite enthusiastic to greet this movie.

And there’s no better warm up than an American Vogue cover with Carey Mulligan in it and shot by Mario Testino. I guess, Vogue really gives a clear view about what we can expect from the fashion in the movie. Lots of glitters, head caps, fancy glittery sparkling dresses and a billionaire to seduce. What do you think? Is this film worth your penny or not?

Taken from Fashiontography