Bryan Boy x Adrienne Landau

by gimmegoodstyle


Please forgive me God for advertising dead animals’ skins to people. Wait this is not entirely an advertising post, this is more like a news. Okay, I am sure God will forgive me, but I am not sure if PETA will because I have to tell you guys; I am obsessed with Bryan Boy’s new collaboration with Adrienne Landau which mostly involves a lot of furs and colors for accessories.

Geez, I am being a fur lover again. Maybe I should go to rehab and tell everyone that I am a believer of animal killer (who pretends to support animals protection). Whatever. I still love the collection though with cool (or cute) (or unisex) accessories like hats, camera straps (desperately need this one) and bow ties (cute). The color ranges between light blue (china blue?) to deeper purple (maroon?), my favorite one is the china blue. Hell, maybe I will buy all the blue colors in every shade. They’re just adorable.

And if you have the same opinion with me, you can ready your wallet and remember your credit card ID on July 15 or you can pre order those fabulous pieces now and maybe get some discount from Bryan Boy (yeah, you wish!). Ah, I almost forget that you can find these pieces on big department store which screams high-fashion like Barney’s (everywhere around the world) (sadly, Jakarta is not in the first-world map).

Taken from Bryan Boy

bryanboy_adriennelandau1_zps4ac2fe74 bryanboy_adrienne_landau