Wrapped In A Bow

by gimmegoodstyle

bow streetfsn

What do you think about bow dress? I know, sounds really vintage and old (and I hate vintage to be honest). I used to hate big bow dress, but lately I think they become more adorable. After Lanvin did some dresses with bows and they turned out to be wonderful (praise Alber Elbaz!), I think it’s time for us to talk about it. Bow can make your dress become more unique and has special shapes (unusual, I mean), but like any other fashion trends, bow is risky. It can be really annoying and destroy the whole look in one second -and you can look like a birthday present, not fashionista.

You don’t want to experience a bow-taster, do you?

I am quite sure that one of the aspects that make bow become much more complimenting than annoying is it’s size. The size of a bow really depends on the dress. You may find that long gowns use quite large bow (usually on the back of the dress as a sweetener), but the minier one use small to medium bow (ala Lanvin!). I can’t really recommend what kind of bow you may need, but maybe you will prefer to wear medium-sized bow. I sometimes find that large bow doesn’t match with every body type and small ones look more like accessories than real-deal. Better be safe for the first time.

After the size maybe you can start thinking about the color. I really recommend black, but black sometimes leaves you vulnerable to bring attack and people won’t be really impressed with black bow or black dress or both of them. Try something more colorful to greet spring season… like orange. Yeah, I usually hate this color, but my friends told me that it’s quite a flattering color for most women, so here we go. Orange. Maybe you can try pink or red or maybe mixed them together and let the bow has different color (black dress with red bow?). Just make sure that the color works well with your skin tone and doesn’t make the bow looks ‘heavier’ than it should be.

Okay! I am convincing myself that you are ready to shop for bow with those advices. Ah, remember don’t afraid to play with fashion and be confident with your choice. And don’t try to wear a bow larger than your head. Ugh, bow-taster alert!

Taken from Street FSN

*Do you recognize that Scott Schuman (the infamous Sartorialist!) also fights for this photo? That’s mean we have a real-trend-deal in here. Go bow!