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akko chickpeas and hummus stilinberlin.de

There is a certain types of foods that make me want to eat them simply because they’re beautiful. I can’t resist having a beautiful food, there are even times when I decided to ignore the flavor and chomp down the foods because their glistening, tempting colors or textures or even sauces (turn on your weirdo alert here). Even though I will definitely feel bad about it later.

Well, food for me is also a part of the arts, the way you serve the food represents how valuable the food is to the restaurant. For example; an ordinary vanilla ice cream for desert surely has a different plate  than caviar for appetizer or maybe special sundae with whipped cream and sweet Baileys. And the waiter or manager or whoever that works in the restaurant will give you a different look for what you order, you just have to watch it carefully. The beauty of the food represents the rank of it in the big Hierarchy of Food.

If it’s true, I am sure that this little chickpea (with hummus) has quite a high place in the Hierarchy. I just love the look of it. Looks really soft and healthy and bright. Simply beautiful and down-to-earth (feels like describing a human, but this is how I write the beauty of food). But the only problem is I really don’t like hummus or other ‘greens’. Maybe I will give it a bite, but that’s it! And for you green-lovers, go to Akko in Berlin to have this fabulous (eh, healthy) food and don’t forget to take some pictures for me!

Taken from Still in Berlin

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