Hoodie Me?

by gimmegoodstyle


Maybe I am a stereotype-giver person, but I always give a label to each item (fashion or not) to ease me when I have to buy something and don’t want to get confused. I give ‘glamour’ label to gowns and dresses, ‘simple’ for basic t-shirts and jeans, ‘old lady’ to so-called vintage dresses and items, ‘high-fashion’ to anything that ends up in Vogue Magazine. I also give one of the most popular fashion items in the world a label, ‘boyish’ for hoodie.

I never thought that hoodie can become something more feminine and less…jocks. Well, I refer to those sweaty athletes that put on hoodies because they just want to wear something easy and no-need to dry clean it. But time passes and I slowly realize that hoodie is also one of the most versatile items to make. You can make it looks more edgy with patterns or geeky with some quotes or… feminine with right cuttings and some fancy designers’ names to sell it.

Like in this picture, she wears a hoodie which looks definitely not sporty and has some unusual cuttings and fabrics. And I am ashamed to say that I simply love it. It changed the whole ‘boyish’ label and made me crawl back to my bed in shame. A real proof that hoodie can become something more dramatic than a dress. Anyway, I definitely prefer this type of hoodies for girls because it looks really different and stylish, a bit careless which can be a plus point. And it still has some ‘original’ hoodie style in it. Good choice. Okay, time to change and take down all the labels, just remembered that fashion is also a form of freedom.

Taken from Jak and Jil