Toni Maticevski Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Playing with ruffle and extraordinary shapes aren’t really special for designers, they tend to look for something stranger season after season and ruffle has been done since, I don’t know, maybe hundreds years ago? But only few of them can rock the theme and make a beautiful collection, others failed miserably and create more like disaster. I guess Maticevski is in the first team. He succeeded making a beautiful collection consists of ruffle dresses and wave-like gowns. I really like his choice of colors because they don’t look cheap or boring. They’re just elegant with black, white, stripes, china blue and a bit red playing around on the catwalk. But I felt a bit confused when the stripe-patterned dress came in, it looks soo familiar with Marc Jacobs collection last season a bit retro and boyish, but Maticevski version has more waves and volume.

That’s strange. Okay, forget it!

Maticevski’s theme is not really new of course, but the creativity and fresh ideas he brought to the collection makes me feel like it’s a whole new concept and revolution in fashion world. Ah, and I almost forget to tell you that I really really think those flower basket/clutches can be a real hot item in Aussie. A bit cheesy and looks uncomfortable to hold, but I am still considering if I hate or love that item (today I feel more loving than hating. So… Love wins). Anyway, Australia sure has something good to show us and I can’t wait to make more reviews about Australia or Fashion Weeks or both (and Tony Maticevski for sure).

Taken from Vogue Australia