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by gimmegoodstyle

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When you are traveling to some parts of Asian, you will find that Asians don’t really into ‘strange’ styles. I am not talking about Gaga weirdness level, I am talking about how Westren people dress (or maybe stylish westren people). If you find that sheer clothes is popular in New York, you will also find that most people in Indonesia or maybe even Malaysia will frown when you ask them to wear sheer. Not because they’re not beautiful (we are exotic baby), it’s just some social points and how your parents will think about it (another difference with Westerners). Asians tend to like it safe and simple, that’s why Giordano and Gap are big hits in here along with Marc and Spencer.

Ah, you might be thinking that why the hell I am talking like this. I am the one that always encourage you to dress whatever you want and not to care too much about others silly opinions. What a betrayer I am now. Well, that’s true (the prep talker part not the betrayer), but the fact that I am living in strict moral country also makes me feel bit uncomfortable seeing too much skins on the street in Jakarta (or too much shiny materials). You can dress whatever you want, you just have to make it simpler and less… strange.

(I run out of description words)

Not only against ‘strange’ clothes, to be honest, we are not really friendly to Westerners with strange clothes. If you like to travel in Asia, you might want to keep your leopard hoodie, cut-out tops and metallic shorts (bye Christopher Kane) in your wardrobe. They’re just not really cool in here (or anywhere else, if you can’t rock them off. But that’s another stories).

Maybe you can try to wear something more ‘basic’ like t-shirts (you can play with the patterns or maybe change it with cool, thin denim shirt) with cardigans, leather pants (black and not too tight) with beanie (plain). One or two stand out pieces like cool bags from Charlotte Olympia (clutch one) or some jewelries. Actually, you will find out that we (Asians) are really good in combining simple styles. Just enjoy it and don’t get depressed not able to bring your sexy Herve Leger bandage dress.

Here’s a little tip for you; if you do want to wear your Herve Leger bandage dress, then wear it at night in some exclusive clubs (somewhere in Central Jakarta). And take taxi to wherever you stay the night because sexual crime is not a funny thing in Indonesia -or basically anywhere in the world.

Enjoy your trip!

Taken from Fashion Toast