The Awkwardness

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-04-17 17:13:02 +00001

Recently I just finished watching AWKWARD and it is amazing. Almost as easy to watch as Carrie Diaries and nothing seems to be faked by the main actress or the rest of the crews (means appropriate dose of drama o rama). But there is one thing in common between all those teens movie series; the problems are always begin with telling their friends or foes (accidentally) their secrets. Okay, maybe this is not 100 percents true, but I am sure they will somehow tell their secrets in the most embarrassing way possible at the moment and blablabla their friends will hate them.

Okay guys, listen to me, the problem doesn’t start the moment when you actually make the mistake. Example: you make up with your friend’s ex-boyfriend who she really hates or even worse her actual boyfriend. As long as your friend doesn’t know who you make up with (and how) (details are nasty), they’ll be just fine. But then you will eventually break up and tell your sister, she will tell her boyfriend who is a friend to your friend’s brother and your friend’s brother will finally tell your friend. The rest is history. Let me tell you something really important in teen-friendship; no secret is really safe. Just keep it to yourself or maybe to your journal, but if you do write in journal don’t forget to lock it really tight or use some anagrams and numbers and codes like in Da Vinci Code to make sure it’s safe.

Back to AWKWARD, I am not mentioning it because it’s plot and it’s ironic title (well, I do) (ironic is not the word, maybe hilarious?). I want to talk the real awkwardness once the secrets are open and the fighting/dramatic/crying scenes are over. What will happen to the friendship? Ah, I have been there in my junior high and I am going to say…. pretty much nothing will remain if you are really messed up (or fucked up). There is only a big big hole of awkwardness and feelings to tell. You can always say sorry and maybe do some favors for your friend, but one of teens most difficult problems is they’re really hard to forgive. It’s not entirely their faults, they tend to trust people (or cracked up) easily and tell anything they want, but once the trust is broken…Well, I am not sure you’ll survive their stares and social media attacks (Twitter!!).

But I am not hear to scare you, I am here just to tell you that if you keep a secret, don’t mess it up. And if you do, suck it up and do the consequences. And if all had been done and the forgiveness is really hard to get. Well, don’t waste your time and get back to your speed because remember; you do mess up and everything becomes a mess because of your little secret, but you also deserve a forgiveness and second chance and I always think that best friend is someone who can forgive when we said sorry from our deepest heart and make some real efforts.

One more thing. Karma does exist bitches!