Geek of the Day: Seth Globepainter in Phnom Penh

by gimmegoodstyle


Phnom Penh, Cambodia has a similar urban plan or view with Jakarta in Indonesia. Everything looks really crowded, dusty and a lot of vehicles. The only difference recently is there are some new arts on the street made by the infamous street artist Seth Globepainter. Ah, lucky Cambodia! I hoped that he came to Jakarta instead. Anyway, his recent arts tell a story about Cambodia culture and social life. Think about girls with um… tattoos while she is praying, tribal patterns and some really scary religious masks (we have some too in Bali).

I really like them, but I always imagine that different artists especially the ones from other countries should also give a painting or an exotic-slash-original touches from his country to make people learn and understand different cultures. It’s great to paint the Cambodia cultures and origins, but I think it’s like giving a mirror to someone. You make them see their own reflections, the reflections that they really familiar with and don’t need stranger to point it out for them. Maybe Seth can paint a boy eating a hamburger or whatever he thinks very Westren (or very him) and suitable for walls of Cambodia. I am sure people will like it and learn a lot from it.

Taken from Unurth