by gimmegoodstyle

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Boring yet smart question like do you think fashion is an art? is really popular among fashion writers, designers and bloggers and tons of boring answers have come up along with the questions. Each one has more difficult and tricky yet confusing meanings that I am not sure people can understand. Sometimes I just give up and skip the whole fashion-is-art thing when I see one in the magazine. What about me? Do I think fashion is a form of art?

Well, I guess I will choose the neutral option. According to the level of appreciation people have to fashion. I think there are some degrees in fashion appreciation hierarchy (please, hierarchy sounds more majestic). The longer you have involved in the industry or doing something that you actually like and connected to the great fashion world (like this blog), the appreciation will be bigger and you will start to think that fashion is more than a simple clothes. Vice versa.

Anyway, I guess I still don’t know where I stand in this hierarchy. Sometimes I feel like I am really artistic and everything is really an art, not simple stuffs the universe throw to the earth and voila! Everything is good (or at least good enough for us). I believe there is a certain order to every little thing in this life and it forms a beautiful symmetry and I call it as art including fashion. Maybe people call it as chi or chakra or whatever they want to call it with, but I am going to stick with ‘art’. It just sounds right.

Well, there are also times when I really hate things and I don’t call anything an art at all. Usually early in the morning when I am really frustrated and hearing the ugly sound of my alarm is not helping at all. Nightmare. At that time I will think that fashion is an over crowded business filled with super-amazing yet a bit dreamy people that always debating about trends and styles and t-shirts. That’s not really cool for a fashion blogger to say that, I know!

Back to the fashion-is-art philosophy. I guess it’s fine if you call fashion is an art or not, it just like a religion. It does define how you will grow up in fashion industry (or how you see fashion) or how your work will be in fashion, if you are a designer. But people won’t really make it as a problem and mess with you. Most of them will appreciate it and just go on with that. After all, who cares if fashion is an art or not? We still love it anyway.

Taken from Jak and Jil