Neon And Stripes

by gimmegoodstyle



I like stripes and I like neon color and I had been spending hours searching on the internet how to combine or at least wear those two cuties without having to look like a navy slash club dancer (ala Nicki Minaj). That was hard until I finally found this picture. I simple love it, I totally forgot that the secret in rocking strong trends together in one outfit is to tone down one of those trends. In this case, the woman chooses to tone down the ‘neon’. She simply used it in her heels which turns out great with her navy-stripes BONJOUR top and simple black skirt.

But maybe you will think that it will be no fun only wearing one strong trend and the second one is like a sidekick. Well, that’s true, but I have a little trick to make the sidekick part feels better. I use them for more than one purpose. For example; the neon heels look great, but what makes you see directly to the neon heels? It’s not just because of the color (even though that can be true), it’s because she manages to keep her whole style simple and clean and the neon heels is like the cherry on top of the vanilla ice cream. Ultimate sweetener. That’s how you should rock it.

Actually this type of solution works for almost every style. You just have to keep in mind that you better use the ‘stronger’ style as the sidekick because they still attract some attentions without having to be major item. Anyway, just have fun with your style and remember less is more, but more is always more (I know you are confused) (Me too, I am combining two very difference phrases) (None of them can be a sidekick).

Taken from Atlantic-Pacific

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