Something Gothic

by gimmegoodstyle


Gothic used to be associated with Twilight and vampires then after all those vampire-y stuffs are gone (bye Twilight; hello Hunger Games era?), goth is back to it’s place as a really dark fashion style. Real dark until you can call people who like wearing goth make up as a follower of the Satan or other evilly name you can come up with. Well, gothic is not that dark actually. Yes, it uses a lot of heavy smokey eyes and black (not dark) stuffs like shirts and coats (or poncho), but that doesn’t mean you can call the goth-lovers the followers of satanic groups. Actually, you can’t call anyone a follower of satan. MYOB is always in order in this case.

Okay, back to goth. It’s quite ridiculous seeing that sometimes people can’t tell the differences between goth and punk. Maybe because they’re really similar and the differences are basically on the attitude and make ups. Punk has more ‘free’ and hardcore spirit in it. You can see it by looking at their torn up t-shirts and really dirty pants with (sprayed!) sneakers yet they’ll still look cool in it.

But goth has what I call as dark-twisted-romanticism. It has this soft melancholy that you can only find in old black and white drama film with really talented British actors and actresses with sexy accents. You can’t wear a lot of torn-up stuffs to make Goth work, you have to work with more… red for you face. Like red lips, a bit pale skin and more smokey eyes. Think Taylor Swift. Now, think Taylor Swift with paler make up and darker eyes. You almost get the point.

Ah, and goth is heavier in dress than punk. Punk uses a lot of jeans and denim, but goth uses more pants and cool middle-aged-style shirt (the one with high collar, like in The Duchess or Le Miserables) and dress. A lot of dress.  For accessories maybe you can add some big chokers or something vintage (necklace or bracelet) and old because you can always tell a mysterious story for your accessory which will make you look scarier and more… goth.

I personally think that Goth is a cool style, but it is also one of those styles that I really hate, if you don’t know how to limit the dramatic amount in it. You can end up looking like an evil bride from some old horror movies, which is not always bad… or good either. Maybe you can try to wear something like in this picture. The woman shows signs of Goth yet she still looks elegant and awesome with shirts and overall. A bit androgynous and mysterious. This is what I like to call as the inner goth. No need for heavy dresses and make up to do it. Just unleash your mysterious stares on the street and wear red lips, smokey eyes and darker (not too dark though) clothes and you are instantly a Goth.

Will you try it? I will try it someday. Maybe. Just maybe.

Taken from The Sartorialist