STYLE Loves: If You Leave Book

by gimmegoodstyle

if you leave II book

The name doesn’t speak for the contains inside this amazing book. It’s not about leaving or anything about people leaving and all those lovebirds heartbreaks and on-off relationship stuffs. Euhh, wouldn’t want to buy that.

It’s about young photographers and artists and they works. You might be thinking about some really absurd photos about spring breaks and over-exposure yet artistic photos of some cities and old buildings. Well, I don’t think you will find it or something really absurd in here (to be honest, maybe you will find some) (if you do, remember that sometimes art has to be absurd to work). The works inside the book has been selected carefully by the curator (aka blogger) and, based on his blog, I can guarantee that all the works are worth to see… or to buy. We are in good hands, trust it and buy it.

Taken from If You Leave

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