Alice McCall Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Another great designer that I recently found in Australia Fashion Week is Alice McCall. She just did an amazing collection with flowing, easy and relaxed dresses which are very appropriate to greet summer. Alice succeed in playing with curves and shapes, creating a unique combination with spiral patterns and soft (mostly nude and soft blue) colors. I simply love the mini dresses, they really do what they have to do and I am sure a lot of Australian fashionistas will fight for those dresses. But just like any other designer, this collection is not perfect. I think Alice has two main weaknesses in her collection and her show.

First, when I first saw the slideshows of the collection from Vogue Australia, I felt really good in first pictures. Then the maxi dresses come out and suddenly the plot went from ‘glamorous spring with a lot of royal blue shades’ into ‘easy breezy almost too weak dresses and cut out tops’. Wow, wait a minute. What happened to the glams and rich blue colors? They are really strong and I think she should have done it backward, maybe she should keep those blue for the last to give that dramatic and ‘final’ effect we always love. This collection is not final for me, more like a recess. Nothing too… dramatic or thrilling, feels more like a light breeze.

Second is her maxi dresses (not the ones in the pictures). I don’t know why, but I always thought ‘too light’. Watching the dresses flowing and ruining the models’ bodies was just a pain. And I couldn’t bear the thought of having those pictures on my blog, so I didn’t do it and focused on the mini dresses which are far far greater than the maxi. My God, I just really hate the lack of sexiness and body in summer dresses. Some designers managed to pull it off with some tricks and maybe Alice should learn some too.

Anyway, this is one of the most superb collection I have ever seen so far from Australia. Need a bit readjustment to fit the all-American styles. But I am sure she will be great, her design reminds me somehow of Dion Lee. Structural, simple and has something… cool and Australian in it (a mixture between simple yet conscious and still stylish style), even though Alice sure looks weaker and ‘easier’ to take than Dion Lee. Still, watch out Lee, a new game has just begun and Alice is going to play it hard.

Taken from Vogue Australia