Longer Than Before

by gimmegoodstyle


There is something innocent in this shoot. The woman just looks really young with her body almost wrapped up in long coat and maxi skirts. I think it’s not because of the skirt, it’s because of the long coat. Among cool fashion items, the long coat is the one that really hard for me to rock. I have a medium height and long coat seems to be just too big and too long for me. Actually, I can try to wear it because it’s really nice and mature and have this oh-so-masculine feeling. But I just can’t. I think long coat has a standard height for people who want to wear it and if it’s true, I am sure it has a good standard.

Anyway, apart from the comfort long coat gives me, it makes me feel somehow more Westren. Maybe the fact that it is one of Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr. version of him) favorite items and Sherlock is one of my personal favorite detectives of all time. Second only to Conan the Detective (yeah, the manga) (I know, I am such a kid!). More than that, long coat looks and feels really strong and simply suitable in every autumn-winter day.

Well, in the negative side it really annoying when you have to sit on a park bench or small chair (I never feel comfortable wearing long coat and seat in chair. I think it’s because the length. But I have never wear one too long either so….) and you can only wear them as an outer outfit. Geez, waiters will scream to make you hand them your long coat no matter how beautiful it is because you just can’t wear it and show it off to your friends inside the restaurant or cafe. Isn’t that the purpose of buying clothes? Looking nice and proud with a bit cocky touch?

Anyway, I don’t have worry this thing because it’s officially spring which is leading to summer. Say good bye to the long one for now!

Taken from The Sartorialist