HATWOMAN Spring 2013 Ad Campaign

by gimmegoodstyle


Amazing things come from your brain inside your head and let me tell you something; head is really important to protect. That’s why men (or women?) made hats! To keep the amazing thoughts in your head safe and sound and, well, stylish. Well, after looking for fashion materials on the internet to blog about (lying! I just ended up watching the Avengers) (cool movie) (I seriously just got an Iron Man fever), I just stumbled into these wonderful shoots from HATWOMAN Spring 2013 campaign.

Photographed by Baldovino Barani and featured model Inessa Novichkova, the shoots are a mixture between dramatic old (think Gone with the Wind and other cool black and white films) and quite futuristic fashion (think Hunger Games). I thought there are only some beautiful headwear available on the market like Louis Vuitton and Hermes and they’re really really totally not affordable for me yet, turns out we have a whole lot of hats (eh… headwear, I mean). Keep your head safe and stylish everyone!

Taken from Design Scene