Pool Me In

by gimmegoodstyle

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Before we head back to my enormous archives of winter outfits that I haven’t posted yet, I think it’s time for us to enjoy a bit spring-y life. And what is more spring/summer style than a pool party? I know that’s it’s too early to held a pool party, but who cares? As long as you get the right bikini, right guests, a couple of hunks and sexy ladies as servants and a big, nice pool (both warm and cold. It’s spring not summer yet). You and your guests will be just fine.

Now, you can give those lame duties preparing the cocktails and whatever a pool party needs to your party planner and organizers. We get something more important to do! What are you going to wear to your own party? You have to be more gorgeous, but less cocky (no one likes a cocky house owner). Are you going to be the good (a bit elegant with cold class) house mistress or warm friendly girlfriend who just want to hangout with her friends and boyfriends? Every role needs it’s own costume.

If you want to be the mistress, I suggest you to look for more ‘expensive’ one piece that has neutral colors like something beige or black with elegant cutting (think Hollywood Stars in Vogue). You can also wear a summer dress because a mistress never show too much skins even though it’s in a pool party. Next, you can add (no, it’s a must!) some jewelries like simple yet elegant necklace or maybe your ‘diamond’ ring, earrings also tolerable even though I find them quite…out of place. The battle of class has just begun, arena: the pool, living room and bathroom (put some artsy paintings or even sculptures in there along with expensive ‘free’ beauty products. You are the Queen).

But sometimes playing a cold mistress from Upper East Side can be boring and unaffordable. How about something cheaper, but still fun? Just rent a giant rubber pool, serve some homemade punches and invite your closest friends to your apartment’s roof. Just like how Carrie in Sex and The City will do it. Ah, in this case, you can wear something braver and younger. Maybe sexy red bikini or something with a lot of tribal patterns and floral? If you don’t like bikini, you can wear cropped tops with denim shorts, but it has to be really really short and punk-like. You don’t have to wear jewelries or shiny stuffs because maybe you will find yourself drunk and skinny dipping in the rubber pool. Euh, but still fun!

Taken from The Sartorialist