Central Saint Martins Fall 2011

by gimmegoodstyle


Profesor Louise Wilson really got me this time. She had selected her 21 best graduates and made them worked like crazy in order to finally get a chance in London Fashion Week 2 seasons ago. I am really not familiar with the atmosphere of Central Saint Martins show or how it should be done. The only thing I notice is how long the show was. It was like a marathon of designers’ works and a lot of clothes, tons of models and make ups with one catwalk. It must be hard fighting for the spotlight.

21 designers means 21 reviews for each collection, but I really am not going to do that. Geez, my fingers will bleed to numb if I have to write that long. And your eyes would be watery and tired and you would end up cursing me and my blog and left me in here alone. Okay, too dramatic. The collections are too short to write about anyway. Well, these students sure know how to make clothes, but I am not sure if they know how to make a wearable collection. Everything seems to be really baggy and oversized and there are robes! A lot of robes-looked-alike dresses that makes me feel really uncomfortable.

William Henry made quite a simple, black on black collection, showing clean cuts and quite conservative style. But he managed to give a shock with blazing orange jackets in the end. Daniel Lee tried to experiment with twisting style and texture, combining yellow tops with beige/brown bottoms. Looks really familiar with Indonesian/Malaysian traditional clothes called Sarong, which is really not the best choice, if you want to take a walk in the city.

Helen Bullock came up a bit loose and colorful which is really fun, but maybe too ‘big’ and not really elegant for my style. Myrza De Muynck gave a lot of sportswear-like outfits which are sporty and a bit relaxed, I like it. But maybe next time she can make more outfits than jacket and pants. She can do more than this, I can feel it. Bethan Silverwood followed her friends and made robes-looked-alike dresses with splash of orange-stripes-patterns. I like the patterns, I don’t really like the ‘robes’. She can pull the pattern much better, if she choose to make oversized (but quite tight in the breast and stomach areas, like dress) sweater and just printed the pattern all over the sweater. Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida made quite funky collection with denim, I feel a bit vintage looking at their collection…and ripped apart. In one hand I like the denim ‘popped-up’, but I don’t really like the opening number.

Okay, the rest of them are amazing too. But one thing I noticed right after the show started is how they try to impress us by playing with materials and shapes and colors. They’re really fresh and ready to take on the world, but I feel like they’re also too avant-garde. Too… (I am sorry, I also hate this word as much as you do) naive. The clothes are amazing on the runway, but we have to sell them after fashion weeks and selling is different with making clothes. It can be much tougher with less credit. Still, it’s always great to see young, fresh, half-mature (in a good way) ideas and shows. I wonder, where are they now? Maybe working for great half-gods designers or starting their own online shops (everything seems to be online nowadays)?

Taken from Style

Jeny Postle
Daniel Lee
Rejina Pyo
William Hendry

Hellen Bullock
Myrza De Muynck
Shaun Samson 
Bethan Silverwood
Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida
Kathleen Kye
Jamie Cockerill
Charlotte Smith

Rafaelle Ascione
Sasu Kauppi
Maarten Van Der Horst
Ryan Strong
Viktor Smedinge
Phoebe English
Yeori Bae
Pietro Franch