Geek of the Day: Sarah Rosado

by gimmegoodstyle


Checking emails can be either a depressing or frustrating thing to do. Depressing when you are looking for a notification email and you can’t find them, it’s somewhere underneath millions of similar emails. This depression quickly turn into frustration when you find out that it’s only a spam. Geez, bad mood is on the top of the list. I experience these things a lot, I became allergic to checking emails or login to my emails.

But last night I had to do it and finally a good thing pooped out from my inbox. An email from photographer and illustrator from New York named Sarah Rosado. She sent me a bunch of her photos and I quickly dug into it. After that, I have to say that I am impressed. These photos are bold, funny and send some messages that are easy to understand.

They do need some improvements in editing though, some photos look a bit too rough for my taste, but they are quite admirable. I really like how Sarah managed to combine colors and subjects, making them quite surreal and fantasy-like. But this is not the master level yet, it’s more like professional who needs more training and experience in both editing, making theme and improve the story telling ability of the photo. Anyway, Sarah sure is one of the next big things that we have to watch. Closely.

Taken from Sarah Rosado