Simple Is More Than Enough

by gimmegoodstyle

simple simple paris

As a fashion blogger I have a real fancy for something simple. I like Susie Bubble, but I always think that she sometimes look overdressed and very…uncomfortable with her own clothes. Sometimes we need to chill out and wear something soo simple that it will make our foreheads wrinkle and think; Why don’t I try the same style? To dress simple, you have to think simple too. Maybe in regular days you will bring a lot of work stuffs or school books with you. Same with me.

I tend to minimize the book by arranging it into one binder filled with notes, post its and lots of dividers, when I need to go to school or class I just have to bring the binder along with me. It’s like one book (or folder) for whole classes. Easy. For you, workers, maybe you can try to buy iPad and use it like a pro. Download more applications to keep and make and edit your documents and connect your iPad (or whatever Pad you have) to your office computer, so you don’t have to bring big laptops or organizer or things like that. And there is a Mini iPad. Ah, God has given you a sign to make your life much… lighter. Imagine having to pack only one Mini iPad with charger and maybe small organizer and your slim smartphone to your bag. Heaven.

Next phase is the clothes. Simple clothes mean two or maybe three pieces of major items. Tops, bottoms, outerwear (scarf or maybe coat). Bag is another problem. Tops can be a tricky item, too much patterns and you go from simple to crazy fashionista. Better start with plain black tops from Alexander Wang or maybe cool shirts from Altuzarra, just remember; choose the plain ones or the ones with less prints/patterns/too bold colors. For the bottom, I really recommend a straight, clean and simple pants. You can also wear skirt, maybe a leather one will be nice. You will look sexy and dangerous and a bit naughty. Aww!

My personal favorite from this style is the bag. Simple style gives a lot of room to experiment with bags and this style goes with any type of bags you want. But my choice falls between The Row Fall 2012 bags and the bag in the picture (I think it’s Celine or Chloe, but I am really not sure). Both are really simple, wearable with enough space for your stuffs and it has really luxurious design. Ah, I am confused! Which one will you choose?

Oh, one more thing! Simple is great, but it can be boring too. Add something brave like bright patterns or maybe leopard print in small items like scarves or your bags (!). You can also try to wear your spiky necklaces to make the whole outfit become younger.

Taken from Jak and Jil