Tumblr? Tumblr?

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-04-28 03:44:19 +00001

Well, looks like Tumblr family just got a new member. Me. Yeah, I know, Tumblr sounded like not-really-my-style a couple days ago. It just too simple and too fast. You just have to click a few buttons and wait for a few seconds, then all your photos and musics and quotes and your words are out there. No filter except your own minds, internet and mouth. Ugh. WordPress on the other hand gives time for me to think about what I want to write and how to write it. Tumblr is just too…instant.

But my friends are telling me that if I want to make a cool portfolio for my photos, I better do it in other platform because WordPress is too formal for them or any teen in Indonesia (that’s judgmental) (but it’s probably true). Well, you will never satisfied the society. Anyway, I surrendered to the pressure and finally made my very first Tumblr account. In case you are wondering why the hell I choose DEAD PHOTO SOCIETY as the title of my Tumblr. Well, maybe because I really impressed by Dead Poets Society and I want to make something like that for photos, not poetry.

Okay, if you are lucky, maybe I will post some poets and quotes by me. Heh, what a cocky man I must be, thinking that you will like my words. Back to the topic, I am not used to Tumblr and it will be a bit awkward for next few months, but I am working in it and I hope you are kind enough to give me a visit and be the very first follower of Dead Photo Society. Oh, maybe you will find some photos from this blog, don’t worry they’re all mine and I have edited them really good (maybe too much).

Visit me in here and don’t forget to follow me!

(no pressure) (but you will be very mean, if you don’t do it. We are friends, right?!)

Tumblr me to your page, please!