by gimmegoodstyle

This is getting better and better! My Little Project is slowly becoming real and I hope you want to contribute some of your writings or photos or something artsy and fashion. I will gladly become the basket where you can throw anything (good ones) and I will be just take it and publish it on my blog.

And look at my Contact page and just email me, if you want to send your… anything.

Now, my latest contributor is 15 years old, future fashion writer, named Evie which just started blogging and she is doing good. Visit her blog here. And here is a little article from Evie.

What Made Me Realized I loved Fashion

If I’m being completely honest, which I am, when I was first approached with this question there was no key event that stood out in my mind. It was then that I realized that without really noticing, I’ve gone from a young child who hated everything about fancy new clothes (especially dresses, EW!) to a teenage girl who is never out of a shop and dreams of the day when she can be responsible for the front cover of vogue.

I think there will always be that one moment in every little girl’s life when she is dawdling behind her mum in a shop and she sees something and thinks “oooh I’d like to wear that!” For me that point come a little later than it does for some little girls however from that point on any opportunity to hit the shops or glance through a fashion magazine would not be turned down. When I got a little older I developed a habit of buying loads of the same type of clothes just because they were in fashion. Don’t kid yourself. You’ve been there too!

One summer I saw so many girls were sleeveless tops that I would probably buy a new one (or maybe two) every week and by the time I went away on holiday I literally only had about 12 sleeveless tops and nothing else! I’m sure you’re now remembering a time when all you wore were ballet pumps or when you had a crazy obsession with shoe strings vests, yeah? Well, that’s fashion. It’s about living in the moment and enjoying the trend. BUT, fashion isn’t all about following the trend, or else we’d all look the same, except having different eye colors. No I’d say that was just 20%. What I’m trying to say is that realizing you have a love of fashion can often come from the desire to express your self and that is why I love fashion.