STYLE Loves: Newbark Shoes

by gimmegoodstyle

newbark garancedore

I have a certain admiration to shoes, men and women. They’re like really classic and can’t go wrong with shapes or colors. They’re just perfect in every shape (well, maybe not every shape, but almost in every shape). And they’re just vital. You can wear a perfect haute couture dress and makeups with fancy clutch (or expensive jewelries, people are starting to forget to bring clutches to the red carpet lately), but if you don’t wear the right heels… well, simply put, you won’t be in the cover of Vogue’s Best Dressed or any other magazine even though you are famous and play in some really touching movies.

Okay, my latest favorite is the one from Newbark. It has beautiful snake/abstract pattern which makes you look artsy and a bit edgy, but it also comes in black which goes with every color you are wearing at the moment. Plus, they are flats and sneaker-like you don’t have to be worried making your feet bleed while doing your works. I am not sure if they have something like this for men, but if they do, I will definitely order one right away. New shoes, new paths to walk on!

Taken from Garance Dore