Kate Davidson Hudson’s Home

by gimmegoodstyle


There is a city called Manhattan and there is a magazine called Elle and there is a super chic woman who has both of them in her pocket. Give it up for Kate Davidson Hudson, Elle Magazine (former) Accessories Editor and the one who has amazing home in Manhattan, New York which is totally enviable (think Sex and the City and you’ll get my point). I have to admit that being an accessories editor never seemed really tempting for me. I mean, it’s great to work in fashion magazine, but everyone wants to be the fashion editor not the accessories editor. Who wants to be an accessories editor? Looks like there is only one woman who aimed at it and succeed on making her dream come true.

Kate had become one of the most successful, chic and stylish editor ever and she was responsible for making us looking hungrily at the glossy pages of Elle, wanting to touch the necklaces, bracelets, bags and brooches in the pages. I totally hate you Kate! Ugh! It’s a sad thing though she left Elle (or dumped Elle?) last year because she wants to focus on her new job: opening up an online shop for accessories (!) and other fashion items. Man, that is still quite cool!

And to make us feel even worst (in career and home interior), she has one of the most amazing homes I’ve ever seen. Her home is a mixed between fashion and art and accessories! Yes! Accessories are everywhere. Starting from Celine two-tone handbag to killer necklace to simple yet cool bracelet and she even has an antique watch (!). What is better than that? Judging from her home, I can see that Kate is the perfect example of how-to-use accessories. Her clothes are simple and elegant, with clean cuttings which wrapped her (perfect) body in a good manner. She can look boring, but she is smart (and talented) (and experienced) enough to complete her looks with a piece of killer jewelries or bag and voila! She becomes the Carrie Bradshaw of Accessories (sorry, I am addicted).

All hail Kate Davidson Hudson and her glorious home (accessories too!).

Taken from The Coveteur