Mini Chicken Parmesan

by gimmegoodstyle

mini chicken parmesan meatloaf

Okay, meat (and cheese) lovers. I have something for you today! I stumbled (wow, I really stumbled to a lot of stuffs on the internet!) to this amazing recipe about how to make a chicken parmesan meatloaf which looks really promising -promisingly easy I mean. To be honest, I am really a stranger in parmesan (or meatloaf) world and have no idea that you can just combine it with mini chicken balls. Sounds very homey and easy.

In Jakarta you can only find parmesan in expensive grocery stores and pizza restaurants. And the only thing I made with parmesan at home is grilled cheese sandwich which is rubbish compared to this cuisine. Okay, still a delicious rubbish though. Find the recipe here and tell me what it tastes like, if you’ve tried it.

Taken from Bev Cooks

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