Parisian Romance

by gimmegoodstyle

paris couple

Do you remember my post about stylish couples and how we (singles) can compete with them in the furious street style battles? Well, let me tell you something, there is one kind of couple which is very hard to compete with… Parisians. I mean, they’re from the capital city of fashion and people always say that Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Geez, double attack. They’re like vanilla ice cream with thick, Belgian chocolate liquids as topping. Over sweetness detected!

Anyway, I am not here to talk about fighting and competing. It’s soo last month! I just want you to realize that choosing to go couple-style doesn’t mean you have to buy unisex clothes and stick to your boyfriend/girlfriend’s favorite color or feel confused about that thing. Just keep it clean and simple. Don’t be twins, just try to slightly looks like him/her or give a little bit touch of ‘him/her’ in your style. I really like this picture because they really look match without too many similar items. Just put the coats on and they’re good to go and awe the crowds. I know, singles…life sucks. 

I think dressing up with your couple represents the relationship itself. If you can really get along without complaining about the clothes or the colors, then you are totally a match. But if you can’t keep it simple…uh, nothing good will come from the relationship. Anyway, I am not a relationship expert and my experience so far in this all-love world is…zero. Just dressed the way you are and let him/her dress the way they are and I am sure you’ll be good. But there is nothing wrong in trying the infamous couple-style and maybe you can beat the Parisians, if you are lucky enough.

Oh, one more thing to say. You have to wait for the perfect time (and phase) to ask your couple to go ‘couple-style’ because timing is quite essential in relationship. And fashion. Good luck lovers! And don’t worry singles, we will be just fine.

Taken from The Sartorialist