by gimmegoodstyle

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The last matching-style disaster that I saw in the magazine was Paris Hilton and I couldn’t blame the magazine for giving her the worst-dressed celeb of the year (or month?). She was just awful. ll blue from head to toe including accessories and other things, what happened Hilton? You looked exactly like Smurfs and it was on 2000’s! After that traumatic experience I never wanted to do matching pattern outfit ever again. I tried to find a way to mix different colors in one outfit and I really aimed for fun and expressive looks. And I have to say that I am quite good at it. Not perfect though, but good enough to get more followers on Twitter and Facebook (which is essential for a teen like me and any other teen you’ll meet in your life). One thing that makes me started my first blog (ah, memories!).

But designers have changed their minds again and bring back the matching style this season. I was horrified at first. The though of Ms. Hilton and her outrageous outfit kept coming back to my mind along with her long-list of worst-dressed and too many cheesy ex-boyfriends. Ugh. After the panic attack had calmed down, I tried to focus myself and looked for better references in matching style and thank Fashion Gods in heaven! I found this really cool matching style in Garance Dore’s blog and I copied that and stared at it intensely. This is classically cool….

One tip to rock the style is just wear the matching items as tops and bottoms. Don’t try to wear same patterned accessories and bags and shoes. You’ll look like my nightmare. Try to play with accessories and shoes and if you want to play it safe, just try to wear jumpsuit. It’s easy, simple and a shortcut to the chic matching style. Huff, bye Paris Hilton and welcome to the new matchy-matchy era!

Taken from Garance Dore