Geek of the Day: Pop Chart Lab

by gimmegoodstyle

fastcodesign 100 most important camera

Cameras aren’t just appeared on the store’s display counter and people will ‘oohh’ and ‘ahh’ and buy those magical inventions and the world finally changed for the better. Duh! Even though it sounds really cool and honestly tempting, cameras need a lot of time to evolve. Not quite the same with cellphones and smartphones and whatever phones you get, cameras used to have less fans and have to compete with other ‘funner’ and easier to understand technologies like….eh, computer or internet. It’s hard to imagine that DSLRs were bullshits years ago. But thanks to the giant camera companies (Canon and Nikon and Olympus and other half-god names that you-know-I-know and I-know-you-know) and technicians, DSLR is in every teens’ wish lists nowadays (at least, it’s in my wish list) (hope you read this post carefully Santa!) and people are starting to appreciate the beauty of advanced photography. But it would be a shame to honor the great and difficult process of making the perfect camera just by talking about it. We have to do more!

And looks like Pop Chart Lab agrees with my message (even though they never managed to read it) (fine!). They made this interesting… charts, containing 100 most important camera the world has ever seen. From Diana Lomo to Kodak to iPhone 5 to old Canon Rebel and there are more to come! It’s amazing to see the reminder of how fast world is changing and the best part is.. we are a part of it. We are also changing. The only thing I can hope is we are changing for the better. A better photographs, better art, better people and finally a better world.

Taken from Fast Co Design