The Blanket Power

by gimmegoodstyle


Scarf is good, but don’t you think that it’s too small and makes your neck feel uncomfortable. To be honest, whenever I wear a scarf, I try not to wrap it too tight around my neck. I mean, I wrap it really loose and not warming after all because I always feel like my neck is being strangled by something and it is a creepy feeling you can get on the street. Anyway, I am looking for scarf replacement and nothing really comes out. Think of it; scarf is such a unique item that people don’t think they can actually change it. There is a certain objective scarf can fullfils and no item can do the same…. or maybe not. When it comes to replacing fashion item with something more comfortable and more ‘me’, just trust the task to street-stylers. Looks like they succeed in finding the perfect replacement for scarf. And it is a blanket. Seriously, a blanket!

I know maybe you think that this is another super-weird fashion trend that we can never be a part of, but blanket is quite normal and easy to wear and it’s really inspired by men (but women can always rock this style like usual). Do you notice that scarf is just like a minier, thinner and lighter version of a blanket? Scarf, in short, is the replicator of the blanket and it gets more attention. That’s the whole truth. Anyway, if you want to try this new trend, better choose not really big blanket and the ones with designer’s name on it. Like Louis Vuitton and Hermes and Kenzo (!). And never be afraid to try something more tribal, but don’t do the extreme-mode this time, we have to make sure that this item really works for us. I never try something like this before, but I am pretty sure that a blanket will look great, if you combine it with simple coat or simple style (simple always works).

Ready to be warmed up and cuddled (neck I mean) up in the blanket? Maybe we have to wait until the next fall and winter seasons arrive. Okay, for you who can’t wait to rock this new fashion item, try to wear it as an outerwear like skirt or maybe poncho or (if you dare) as a corset and combine it with maxi skirt. You’ll look pretty much like… Kenzo girl and Susie Bubble (means you’ll look edgy and very very hip).

I am not kidding!

Taken from Style Bubble

kenzo blanket2