3D Roses

by gimmegoodstyle

rosedress streetfsn.blogspot.com

Everything seems to be in 3D these days from movies to remake movies to vintage photos. Okay, I don’t know what kind of 3D you can find out there except movies. The point is 3D is the new hot trend and people are dying to 3D-ing their lives. Fashion industry is no exception, there are a lot of 3D printed clothes and yeah it is confusing, but people like buy it like usual. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about 3D prints, maybe next time, I want to talk about the real 3D flower dresses because they’re simply amazing and cute. Anyway the difference between usual flower prints and 3D flower prints is the 3D version is popping out from the dresses, making you look like a character in Alice in the Wonderland without Tim Burton’s dark (but amazing) special effects. Isn’t it cool?

Okay, maybe this is one of those strange trends to follow, but I am telling you 3D flowers are simple and quite easy to rock. You just have to find the right dress for you. It has to be perfectly fit on your body. And by fit I mean nothing too long or too short (except maybe you do want to have long long dress or look slutty sexy in small tight dress) or nothing too much. This is important. Too much flowers can make you look like a walking garden and it is not something that people find lovely. It’s creepy. Period. Maybe it looks nice in some high fashion magazines’ editorials, but pleasee…we are living the real world and people are quite harsh on this fact. Anyway take some friends, if you want to go dress-shopping because you have to be really really honest with your body. No lies and cloudy judgement ladies!

And for the accessories, okay this is the best part, you don’t have to be confused thinking about the accessories because you don’t even have to wear one! The flowers are the accessories, just let them rock the way they should and don’t try to hide them with jackets or poncho or large scarves (eh, blanket!). Quite an idea for spring right? You can thank me later flower-girl.

Taken from StreetFSN