A Beautiful Apartment In Linnéstaden

by gimmegoodstyle


Why oh why, Swedish always get the best apartment in the world? They always get the simplest, most beautiful, most enviable, cutest and brightest of all apartments in the world. Even New Yorkers don’t have that kind of glory. It’s sublime! Anyway, enough with the whining and let’s start this mixture of pain and joy by looking at these beautiful pictures. I think the main attraction point to this apartment is the light and the clean white wall. They make everything looks really chic and natural, things that you can find in the cover of Elle Home.

But the interior of the apartment is not the only point we should see, when we want to buy or rent an apartment. How about the location? It would be a huge turn down to find out that the neighborhood gets really cold in winter or there is a group of rebel punks right on the basement of your building or the security is a jerk (happened once to me and it was really annoying, but that’s another story). No need to worry though, this apartment located in Linnéstaden, one of the best sides in Gothenburg which is also one of the finest cities in Sweden. According to the tourism board, you can find a lot of coffee shops here (comforting) and like any other Europe cities, this city must be really clean and… beautifully old.

Ah, one more thing to add, this apartment has 2 floors (!). Quite big, huh? And located in the middle of the city, so don’t worry, you can always go down and shop a bit before dinner and don’t miss a single thing. This fact is a huge relieve for woman who wants to live alone because you are in safe environment, girl. Police station is not really far for sure and no (sane) thief wants to break in in the middle of the city with those lights and noises. Anyway, time to make a deal for those who are in Sweden or planning to live in this loft or those who wish to invest in this loft. Just call Alvhem Mäkleri (the agency) and start make a bargain. I will wish you luck from across the globe.

Taken from Fresh Home