Givenchy Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


It’s not an understatement, if I say that Givenchy was on fire this season. Using punk and sheer clothes as it’s main weapon, Givenchy succeed making me jumped in excitement and relieved. I was excited because the show was a beautiful chaos, everything looked really powerful and a bit childish with cartoon prints. And I was relieved because I thought Givenchy was having a reces this season, seems like Ricardo Tisci (the one and only designer) changed his mind and exploding with creativity instead. Anyway, I reviewed Givenchy because MET Gala will be held in Monday and Ricardo is one of the speakers, talking about Punk and all those fashion glamour. It’s a good thing to honor him fist with this review.

The collection is pretty much black and punk (!), but looks like he explored the tougher side of the punks and it worked like charm! I love the way he mixed black on black and big t-shirts (Bambi is rocking the clothes like Disney characters used to be) with maxi skirts and leather jackets. There are also some sexy curves (oh, we love curve and ruffle) with burning roses printed on the bottom and more… feminine version printed on the dresses and tops. Oh, the show was completed with the final looks. A sheer maxi skirt combined effortlessly with black and flowery t-shirts (sweat shirts, whatever). This is heaven for those who love a bit chaos and rebel style on their daily outfits. I can almost imagine Alexa Chung wearing one of those clothes and she will look much younger and back to her British-indie-rocker atmosphere (I don’t know why, but Alexa goes with every brand. Hmm, universal question that we have to answer later).

One thing I love (or hate) about Ricardo is he never really creates new clothes or style. He admitted that he was like ‘gypsy’. He recycled old clothes and make them become slightly (or really, according to your point of view) (and, yeah, your fashion memory too) different and people will buy it instantly, he is an archive designer, always looking back and tried to make the past become the future again. Whatever it is, it works and we all love his designs. After all, fashion is exactly what Ricardo has done. We are circling the same old pattern with new colors and shapes. Old game, new trick.

P.S: Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons performed three songs and people said that they were amazing. Have to check them out soon!

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