Details Alexander McQueen Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

alexander mcqueen autumn14 details

Alexander McQueen was the statement of unique and unparalleled beauty, a beauty that you would never find in other label. But lately the brand has changed into something rhymes with mastery. Under the wings of Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen has developed more ways in making majestic dresses and complicated details including some face-cage and metal heels. It’s not like I am complaining, but there are some weird feeling seeing a brand changes slowly and surely into a new direction that is probably not too unique, but still beautiful to look at (okay, I admit that I miss the one and only Alexander McQueen a lot, he is like my imaginary mentor. Think Carrie Diaries and you’ll get what I mean).

It is always fun to look for details on the shows or in the collections, but McQueen’s Fall 2013 details are far more different (and better) experience. I love the way they use pearls as main points and the rest just comes up as patterns and colors. And I think McQueen has make some points using different kind of white shades as the ‘colors’ because everyone knows that fashionistas are into white these past few months, but I always think that white dress is a bit too ‘bride’. Hmm, quite a dilema I know…. Maybe you can put something to make you become more ‘fashionista’? If you do, then I totally recommend the heels because they’re just amazing.

I never seen heels those fierce and artistic before (okay, maybe I have, but McQueen is totally on different level). The combination of metallic shades and pearls are blinding my eyes and I wonder who wants to wear these fabulous heels on the road? Kate Moss? Anna Dello Russo? Definitely Anna and maybe Carine Roitfeld and her gangs (Pff, her gangs! I make them sounds like Mean Girls with too much fashion budget).

Ah, and I almost forget to tell you about the face-cage. Well, honestly I usually associated face-cage/mask with kinky stuffs, but I will make some exceptions for these because they’re more like art than fashion or anything you want to wear to malls or work (who wants to dress up in McQueen to work?). I found it hard to separate art from fashion, whenever I look into Alexander McQueen collection. It is like they merge into one description; phenomenon. And no one dares to change the fact -or wear them. I mean seriously, if someone gives me an Alexander McQueen face-cage/heels/dresses/anything that left on the racks, I will put them is glass storage (with DO NOT TOUCH sign) and put it on the top of my cupboard like a proud trophy. My fashion trophy.

Okay, maybe not the most wearable collection, but just like what I said before: Phenomenon.

Taken from Style Bubble