Fur Gloves

by gimmegoodstyle

fur glove altuzarra style.com

One more trend before we are entering the spring season… fur gloves! Okay, sounds good and elegant, but I am not entirely convinced with the item. They look somehow like someone stuffed your hands into a furry paper bag (the one you can find in McDonald) and you are stucked with it. I have to say that it works on some people though, mostly models. Maybe it’s one of those trends that don’t fit me. Well, there are a lot of trends that don’t fit me and I will never dare to try, I still encourage you to try new styles though.

Back to the gloves, my favorite (or what I think isn’t as bad as the others) is the one from Altuzarra. They come in chic pattern and the fur looks really soft and warm. I honestly almost thought that they are the best style of the season then the paper-bag-imagination attack came again and I will never ever said that this is one of the best. Maybe one of the most uniques.

Ah, I know you come here for a little bit tip. Well, the best tip I can give right now is… don’t wear it with other major fur items like giant fur coats or fur tops or whatever fur you can come up with, you will look like a yeti (euh! Fashion police is on the line, ladies). I think the key to this season’s latest trends is keeping it simple and clean. Playing safe sounds like boring and a bit like a coward (!), but you have to admit that it (almost) works all the time. If I want to try this new fur gloves, I will make them the main item, the attention-stealer, and let the rest goes with the flow.

I totally recommend Calvin Klein shirts (white ones because white is totally on fire these months) and something from Michael Kors, they’re chic and still considered high fashion. We all want a little bit ‘high-fashion’ in our outfits, don’t we? But if your fashion budget isn’t as good as Hollywood babes, just buy something from Uniqlo or Zara (still considered high-street or whatever they call it). And don’t be afraid to look bad because gloves are accessories, right? You can always put them off, if you think you look like a fool and want to get rid of people’s stares. The best thought from this entire post. Anyway, don’t be afraid to rock this style and choose your gloves wisely…next fall (I seriously have to blog something about SPRING and SUMMER!!).

Taken from Style