Geek of the Day: Robin Schwartz & Amelia

by gimmegoodstyle


Robin Schwartz is a lucky photographer, he has one of the most adorable models of all time; her own daughter, Amelia. Yeah, I know that it sounds so cliche and fathers from all over the world will say that their most adorable model is indeed their own daughters too. What’s the difference ass-hole (the ass-hole is me, but I will quickly deny that I am an ass-hole)? Okay, first, Amelia is not a usual girl that is afraid of animals and everything that has more than two legs except dogs and cats (children are starting to feel afraid infront of dogs and cats too lately. Sigh).

Amelia is quite the opposite of afraid, she adores animals and animals adore her too. Robin has captured 10 years worth of photographs from Amelia unique bond with the animals. She looks really calm and loving and the animals also give back those feelings for her. Over sweetness detected! There is a photo about her buying animals’ foods with a group of deers following right behind her and the shop keeper looks really surprised. Who doesn’t? I would be surprised too, if there is a girl followed by a group of deer, but that surprise will quickly turned into amazement and love. After all, who doesn’t love the harmony of people and animals?

Her own parents look really supportive and told medias that they aren’t afraid their daughter will get injured from her interactions with the wild life, one thing that they fear more than the animals is humans and they do have a good reason to be afraid. Think about it; we always said that we are more loving and have more intelligent than any creatures in this planet called Earth, but in the end there are things that we forget or don’t want to remember. And what we called low-intelligent creatures remind us again and again, about love and… well, love. Isn’t it great? So, don’t be afraid of animals, except you are allergic to them and need a lot of tissues and medicines to interact with one of them. Better not, but keep you love inside your heart!

And for you who like to see the printed versions of the photos (which I really recommend), better fo to The Center for Photography in Woodstock, New York. Robin will be a participant of Photography Now 2013 and you can see his collection through June 16, 2013. What are you waiting for? Go get your maps and cross the states to get inspired with those amazing photos.

Taken from My Modern Met