STYLE Loves: Uniqlo LifeWear

by gimmegoodstyle


Well, okay, I admit that even though the high fashion world always interesting and people are dying to get into it, there are times when I feel tired looking at shows and glorious items that make my eyes shine and drop my saliva (euh, gross!). I want something simpler and less expensive, something even simpler than Alexander Wang. But as fashion blogger with high pride, I don’t want to be seen with nothing but t-shirts and dusty jeans. Time to go shopping for something more ‘human’ (appropriate for teens wallets and purses) (Chanel is totally out of the world for me). And my choice goes to Uniqlo, partly because it just opened it’s first store in Jakarta (small, but cute as usual and filled with unique t-shirts), but mostly because it has one of the simplest and wearable Spring collection.

Not only launched it’s newest Spring collection, Uniqlo also gives a little quote about it’s new logo ‘LifeWear’: You feel it as you slip them on. So comfortable, so right, so you – clothes that are who you are and where you are going. LifeWear. Clothes for a better life for everyone, every dayGood advertising lines and looks like exactly what I was looking for. The collection itself consists of Uniqlo classics. Basic shirts and colorful t-shirts made of cotton, silk (and other soft fabrics that make want to melt inside the shirts) are on the racks, along with some colored wigs (not sure if it’s for sale or not) and jumpers (people still wear jumpers at this temperature?) (to be noted, Jakarta’s just hit 36 to 40 degree this evening. Super HOT!!).

I am not sure I can find all the items in Jakarta, but thanks to the internet -and credit cards, there are a lot online shops and I am really sure that I will get my hands on one of those clothes before the season ends (and it’s ending really quick like usual). Will you do the same or do you have other ‘human’ shopping destinations? Tell me!

Taken from Bryan Boy

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