Hebil 157

by gimmegoodstyle

freshome.com hebil 157

Have you watched the Iron Man movies? Okay, that’s not really a question. But my point is besides the technologies, Tonny Stark’s dark humors, gun shooting, Pepper whining, Iron Patriot (aka War Machine whatsoever) coming and some fake terrorists on the street, there is something that fascinates me more. The house. Oh, that sounds really nice. Seriously, Stark had one of the most fabulous houses ever invented (if it’s real) (and it is gone now because the Mandarin blows that place in Iron Man 3 *spoiler*). I had been looking for house like that and I only found mere illustration and design. Huh, total disappointment to you, architects! But thanks God, in Hebil Bay, Turkey, sit right on the frozen (or crystalized) lava of Volcano Kos is a home for half-gods people. The Hebil 157.

Hebil 157 is designed by Aytac Architects and it is consisted of 5 different vilas with same design concept: asymmetrical (okay, it’s probably volcano and something fluid, but I prefer asymmetrical). What make these wonderful villas special is the fact that they look pretty much like Stark’s home without JARVIS and some cool touch screen glasses. The view is pretty much Mediterranean and you can expect some relaxing atmosphere with stones and silky  interior everywhere in the houses. There are also some pools which are located on the top of the hills and if you feel like you are not in the mood for swimming, there is bathtub filled with flowers that’ll make you feel more like in heaven than real world.

Everything is so perfect and expensive, I almost imagine Tony jump out of the curtains and start to talk something about world peace and his precious suits (hidden in underground along with wines and champagnes). Well, Tony, who cares about world peace when they live on top of the frozen (yeah, crystalized) lava AND has amazing Mediterranean view along with some good, old wine?

Taken from Fresh Home