For The Rebel

by gimmegoodstyle

saint laurent fall13 boots

I, somehow, still stuck in my MET Gala mood, in short I am still busy getting fascinated by beauty of punks and rebel. Okay, maybe I have always been fascinated by those styles. Punk and rebel look soo free and personal, they don’t need some fancy designers and editors telling them what to do. They are who they are and it makes quite an ecstasy for teens. Includine me. Well, even though punk is all about freedom and attitudes, there are some things that you should wear in order to make you… well, more punk. 

First, some t-shirts and teared up jeans. I really recommend something a bit leathery like in Balenciaga (few seasons ago) with (fake) stitches and dusts, maybe a sandblasted jeans. For T-shirts, something from Phillip Lim would be nice or maybe Altuzarra, but if you don’t have enough fashion budget or simply unwilling to buy designers tees, we can always do some DIY. Go get your white t-shirts, some paints and glue (strong ones!) and sequins (and studs, if you have one in your home). We are ready to wreck our old t-shirts!

Second, punk is not right without a few killer accessories like bracelets or rings. I totally into some tribal patterned bracelets right now and I guess it will work well with the whole punk-style. You are also really welcome to add some silver and golds in your outfit. And brooches, a lot of them because they’re just shining and really hot right now. But if you don’t want to be extreme or afraid to use some accessories (like my sister), then put on a cap (backward, like a dude) or leather jacket and super cool boots from Saint Laurent (see the picture above). They’ll work just fine.

Anyway, I have to say that punk is not about the clothes. Yes, you can always pretend to be one with t-shirts and jeans. But I know what a real punk is and they don’t dress as pretty as we (or you) are. They show the attitude and that is the best accessorie you can hope to get from this style. The freedom and fearless attitudes that we have to show sometimes. Welcome to the new punk era!

Taken from Bryan Boy